Friends of Long Melford Church Building Trust Achievements

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Results achieved

Works funded over the past two decades by the Trust and its predecessor include continuous minor improvements to the fabric and the major refurbishment of the West Entrance, under the Tower. This has meant the laying on of running water, the provision of a kitchen, storeroom and WC on the ground floor and the formation of a meeting room on the first floor.

The layout of the Church Shop and other facilities have been improved. Finally a glass screen has been installed, separating the first floor meeting room from the body of the church. Over a period of seven years the Friends have contributed nearly £80,000 to this project, which was completed by the end of 2004.

The major current project is the preservation of the medieval stained glass which survived the Cromwellian destruction (the 'Clopton Windows').

Two of the Clopton Windows
Alleged to be the source for the picture of
the Duchess in "Alice in Wonderland"
The Lily Crucifix

The windows are deteriorating through centuries of exposure to the atmosphere both outside and inside the Church. The plan is to protect the medieval glass by erecting sealed glass screens internally and externally. Besides local fund raising, this work is currently most generously supported by the Clopton family, especially Mr William Clopton. The Cloptons were owners of Kentwell Hall, Long Melford, in the late fifteenth century, and their descendants are now entirely resident in the United States of America.