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"Update on grass areas in Long Melford, I have spoken to the Manager of Iverde (Baberghs contractors) and they are going flat out to get the grass cut this week, they are even pulling in a mowing team from Hadleigh, their banks mowing team have done slopin" on Thursday, 31 of May, 2018

For immediate release: Wednesday 11 July 2018

Babergh District Council has published its Annual Monitoring Report, demonstrating a Housing Land Supply of 6.7 years – meeting the government’s requirement of 5 Years.

As of today, Wednesday 11 July, the Council considers it can demonstrate this land supply, meaning that Babergh can prove that there is enough deliverable land to meet the number of homes that need to be built over that period to meet housing need.

The Council has been unable to demonstrate this land supply since April 2017, but now the updated figure has been made possible as a result of a proactive approach to delivery.

The National Planning Policy Framework specifies that, if the Council cannot demonstrate a 5 year Housing Land Supply local planning policy for the supply of housing should not be considered up to date and thus carry less weight.

With the publication of the updated 5 year land supply position planning officers will now be reviewing all current application and pre-application enquiries on which this has a bearing. This includes all applications for which formal planning permission has not yet been issued.

Now that Babergh can demonstrate a 5 Year Housing Land Supply, the Council will have greater control to implement the local policies that District Councillors have endorsed, and puts the Council in a stronger position to refuse inappropriate proposals.