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Long Melford Country Park & Picnic Site

The village volunteers under the Long Melford Open Spaces team, now wholly manage, and maintain the Long Melford Country Park & Picnic Site. Signposted and located at the southern end of the village, just off the Rodbridge Corner crossroads. Volunteers have discovered and opened up some forgotten lakes, tidied up areas, and are creating new and interesting footpaths, to encourage more visitor enjoyment, and promote a greater abundance of developing plants, and wildlife.

Volunteer days are promoted at the park on the notice boards, and new volunteers are welcome.


The Country Park is also great starting location for Walkers, and Cyclists, who wish to explore Historic Long Melford. 

The Park is also very close by to the Valley Walk pathway. This takes the visitor just a few miles, along a traffic free scenic route, into the nearby town of Sudbury.

Melford Country Park also welcomes all responsible dog owners, hikers, and visitors, who respect the Country Code.