Long Melford What's On - Weekly Events

Shown below are some of the local events taking place in the village.

May Day Celebrations Saturday 5 May - Monday 7 May 2018 A wonderful Tudor event with over 100 costumed Tudors, and includes lots of merry making and activities for all the family to join in. Tudors will be in the main house, around the gardens & grounds and joining in all the May celebrations; musical events, plays, processions, dancing and pageantry. Music and dancing is the theme! Celebrating is the word! The house, gardens and farm will all be open. And dont miss the spring lambs and baby chicks who will be playing around! In addition, the children will enjoy Kentwell Halls Story Book Trail that will take you around the gardens to find and meet all the characters and sculptures. Then it is on to the Heffalump Path that takes you around the farm. A visually interactive great family day out. http://www.kentwell.co.uk/events

Kentwell Hall's Through the Ages Special Event: Saturday 26 May - Monday 28 May 2018 From a Neolithic camp to the twentieth century (with a few historical surprises along the way), this is a fantastic event for all the family! This is a wonderful journey starting with the The Neolithics, you never know what you might find in the woods - a shaman, some hunters and some crafts in our earliest re-created period yet! Then on to The Romans; will they choose to settle at Kentwell? Of course, a visit to Kentwell would not be complete without our two main time periods! In the Moat House, the Elizabethans will be hard at work in the bakehouse and dairy. Upstairs you will find the stillroom where lotions and potions are made, and the needlewomen working on their latest wall hangings and The Alchemist will be in his hut. And there is so much more to see including 17th Century music and dance. The Victorian Household will be offering an insight in to what life was like in 1869. The list of activities go on and on including: WWI - the Home Front The 1920s WWII - with the Home Guard, the War time kitchen & the WVS ladies The 1960s The 1970s The Punks All of the above activities run throughout each day A fantastic family day out. http://www.kentwell.co.uk/events

Tudor Midsummer Special Event: Saturday 16 June - Sunday 17 June 2018 This is Kentwells biggest, best known and most loved Tudor event of the year. Visitors step back in time to 1538 where our Tudors re-create a whole working, living community. Tudors dress, speak, cook, eat, drink, create music and dance . . . and live life as it was then (this is not a demonstration, it is life lived as it was). Tudors will be in the house - gentry and staff, the Moat House including the dairy, bakehouse and the brewhouse. They will be around the gardens and in the woods. There will be lessons in the school house and the villagers will be going about their daily lives. * speak of anything beyond 1538 and they will no idea of what you are talking about!! This is a fabulous day out for all the family and kids will be fascinated by life of their ancestors. http://www.kentwell.co.uk/events